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What's happening with the kids we usually make sandwiches for?

Most of you know that during the school year St. Anne’s normally produces hundreds of sandwiches every week for children at local schools who wouldn’t otherwise have lunch. The ingredients we use to make the sandwiches are provided by the Food Bank. Some of us have been wondering how the kids we normally make sandwiches for are being fed now that schools are closed.  Sharmila and Gail did some investigation and found out that the Richmond School Board is working with the Food Bank to create hampers for over 277 kids in the Richmond School system.  The families come to the school once a week to pick up the food.  

Anyone who wants to support this initiative (or indeed give to the Food Bank for their ongoing work) can donate money towards this program in several ways:

By going to and scrolling down to the link that allows you to donate through Canada Helps - you need to specify the option "School Meal Program" to direct your donation to these hampers given out by the schools.

Or you can give by credit card over the phone at 604-271-5609 and specify you want the donation to go the School Meal Program.

You can drop off cash or cheques made out to “Richmond Food Bank” in person at 5800 Cedarbridge Way. 

You can also mail cheques (made out to “Richmond Food Bank”) to 100-5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond, BC, V6X 2A7  

St. Anne’s has been a supporter of our local Food Bank for a long time! At this time of economic shutdown and layoffs even more people are suddenly finding themselves in financial crisis and in need of help. If you are able to afford to give money to the Food Bank at this time of great need I encourage you to do so. Every little bit helps! 30% of the families depending on the food bank have children and all of them are in need of support.