Rachel  Eaton
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Sunday Worship for April 5 - Palm Sunday

10 am (PDT)

Dear friends,

It was great to have so many of you join in our first on-line worship using Zoom!  Below is the link to join our on-line worship for this coming Sunday (April 5) at 10 am.  I will open it up about 15 minutes before the service starts (about 9:45) so you can log in and say hello to each other etc before we start the service.

If by chance you try to log in before I (as host) do and get a message that I haven't opened the meeting yet, then please close the program and try the link again in a few minutes.  It's one of the annoying things about Zoom that it will actually end up just leaving you hanging once I do open the meeting and unless you rejoin the link you won't ever come into the meeting with the rest of us.

If this is your first time joining Zoom:

You can join the meeting on a computer, tablet or phone (smart phone or ordinary phone). To join on your computer or tablet you just click on the link below.  To use a phone, call the phone # below and then enter the meeting code (at the bottom) when prompted.  On ‘land line’ phone you can still hear and talk but of course won’t be able to see anyone. 

The first time you link to Zoom on your computer it will give you a log in screen and ask you to put in your password.  Since you don’t have a password, enter your email address and click on ‘I forgot my password’ and it will email you a way to set your password.  Just make sure you write down whatever password you put in so you can remember it for next time! 

This Week's ZOOM Details Coming Soon!