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Ordinary Time during an extraordinary time!

This Sunday we enter ‘Ordinary Time’ – that long stretch of the church year when our focus turns from the big events of Jesus life, like his birth and death & resurrection, to how we live our life in the light of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection. This is the time of the year when we focus on the question, "So what does this mean for MY life". Since I imagine fewer of us than usual are going away on vacations to distant places I’m hoping lots of you will be worshipping with us this summer. And of course, so long as you have internet and a mobile device of some sort you can join us for worship from anywhere!  We will also start offering the opportunity to come to the building to worship in a few weeks (probably sometime in July).

Please stay for our virtual “Coffee Hour’ after worship each Sunday

Fellowship is a vital ministry of the church!

Don’t forget that we have a virtual ‘coffee hour’ after worship now. Everyone is encouraged to stay and join in a small group to chat! (well, unless you are on a computer that doesn’t have a microphone so no one would be able to hear you). And if you have family that are joining us from afar encourage them to stay and get to know a few of us! It would be wonderful if everyone was willing to participate. In groups of 3 to 5 it’s very easy to hold a conversation and get to know some of your fellow worshippers a bit better!

Being members of a church involves fellowship and connection between members as well as between us and God!

Alice Shury

It is my very sad duty to tell you that Alice Shury died this week at the age of 79.  Alice and Harold Shury have been active members of St. Anne’s for decades (at least since Keith Gilbert was Rector back in the 80’s). Sadly, Alice died on Wednesday of an opportunistic infection that set in after she had surgery for a broken hip. There will be a small service for just immediate family next week and then a bigger funeral later when travel restrictions and gathering sizes have been relaxed so more people can come. Please keep Harold and their family in your prayers as they mourn her loss!

Planning for restarting in-person worship

As I mentioned in last week's newsletter, the diocese has set out a phased plan for re-staring worship in person in the building. In order to receive permission from the Archbishop to re-start in-person worship we have to submit a detailed plan for how we are going to handle the required distancing, santizing etc etc. We are in the process of making the plan, but we are still not sure when our first Sunday back in the building will be since there are lots of details and technical issues to be addressed to ensure that everyone who comes will be safe.  These include questions like how exactly are we going to handle the sanitation/disinfection needs in the church, the washrooms, high touch areas etc. How many (and which) of the various services we were holding before the shut-down can we reasonably restart and how many people would come to each if they were all offered ‘in-person’ or on-line. What are we going to do about music over the next number of months since anyone coming in person won’t be able to sing, to name just a very few of the details we need to work out.

However, we will continue to offer our on-line Zoom worship (or some equivalent program) for a long time yet since we know there are lots of you who won’t be coming back to worship in the building for a while. We are currently getting information on the cost of some technical sound system/camera/screen upgrades that would allow us to integrate our ‘on-line’ folk and our ‘in-person’ folk into a unified service and will also allow us to offer words and pictures on the screens for those present in person.  Stay tuned for more information! 

The Building is Closed but the Church Isn’t!

During this time of isolation because of Covid-19 many people have been posting little decorations (like hearts and rainbows) and motivational quotes outside their homes. So, Perry (one of our new members of Parish Council) suggested we start decorating the outside of our church building so that as people walk or drive by they can be reminded of God’s love. There are also lots of people who walk through the parking lot so we can also post under the portico near the front door.  And we can affix small decorations on the outside of the windows around the building so they would be better protected from the inevitable rain (and if you have small items that could be taped or hung on the inside of the windows drop them off to me and I’ll put them up. I’m hoping our families (young and old!) will get in the spirit and show the neighbourhood we are still active and caring here at St. Anne’s. Of course, all decorations must be appropriate for a church building and entirely temporary.
I encourage you to make posters we can put up without damaging the building, doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk or driveway and other similar means of reminding people of God’s (and our!) love, care and concern. 

Let's show the neighbourhood St. Anne's is an active, alive community!

Link for our Sunday 'Zoom' worship

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