How Do You Give Thanks For 125 Years?

At St. Anne's, Steveston, we gave thanks with a wonderful service of celebration that saw the dedication of a new parish banner, music offerings from a string quartet, our choir, our children and young people, and the opening of a time capsule which had been hidden away for the past 25 years - all presided over by our Bishop, Melissa Skelton.

As people gathered for worship, Sarah Stephenson sang, As the Deer, a beautiful piece of music based on Psalm 42.

A new banner, made by The Rev. Gail Newell and Jean Ambeault, both parishioners of St. Anne's, was dedicated by the Bishop. 

Bishop Melissa preached and a link to a YouTube video of her sermon is available below.

After the sermon, the Bishop led the congregation in renewing and reaffirming their baptismal vows. While the congregation sang, Up From the Waters, the Bishop sprinkled those assembled with holy water. 

As the service came to a close and the hymn, All Creatures of Our God and King was sung boisterously by the congregation, it was time to prepare for the opening of the time capsule.

25 years ago, at the centennial celebration of St. Anne's, a time capsule was put away inside the middle column of the altar.  

As the Rector and Curate and two members of the congregation, Jim Huang and Jacky Kwok lifted the top portion of the altar, Roger Farrier, People's Warden, accompanied by Rina and Arvin Kwok, reached in and brought up the time capsule and then carried it into the church hall, where its contents were revealed during the reception.

Some of the items that were in the capsule: a photo album from Centennial celebrations in 1991, a Centennial button and placemat, an autographed copy of the book by Patricia Knight, A Centennial History of St. Anne's, Steveston, a BC Tel phone, a copy of the Book of Common Prayer, copies of the St. Anne's Messenger magazine, and some examples from art from the Church School children.

The capsule sits in the church office for now until it is refilled with items from our present day so that it can be put away again for another 25 years when St. Anne's will celebrate 150 years of ministry and witness!

Glory to God from generation to generation!

(Many thanks to Kim Campbell, a parishioner at St. Anne's and a former warden, and to Randy Murray, from the Diocese of New Westminster Communications for their photos and video.)